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Saturday, 19 November 2016

'Conflating Planes And Stylised Realities No.2' 'unexpection'

unexpection *

time of change impermanence and egress
inward gaze resources new from old

dark recess regression and greater depth
in seeming endless distress unexpection is shown

planes of reality they bend pull and digress
enjoy the daily mundane while breaking its hold

closed systems deny reality’s width and depth
freefall leaves everything open grasps the unknown

i sink and push four ounces of air to the void
i withdraw i turn and sink i return to the sun

i am sunk i push knowing i am knowingly buoyed
no exit return bring it on again bring it on

Drawing: "Conflating Planes & Stylised Realities 2" © john william brown 05-06 November 2016 - Poem: "unexpection" from Part 19 "Knowing Your Place" Italian Journal © john william brown 05-06 November 2016

unexpection  *
My own created word: “unexpection” is correct.  It concerns a state of unexpectedness in this moment.  To me, the words un-expectation and unexpectedness do not suffice in immediacy.  To my mind, “to expect” is immediate, whereas, “expectation” projects into some vague future.  Hence, a state of “unexpection” is of the immediate.  © john william brown 2016.

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