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Sunday, 6 November 2016

'Conflating Planes And Stylised Realities No.1' 'confidence'


who was it said “through despair we find salvation”?
a woman i think and a fascist so i was told

true or not so the quote still pushes through
as i salvage a find of self i have never known

a certain confidence a quiet reformation
all i admire in my self both retiring and bold

past heroines heroes brother and mother too
turn in this shadow attached to me yet alone

i stalk a provincial city in autumnal sun
my first tai chi teacher sticks with me in my pace

i sink into his words one evening long gone
“in chinese tai chi ‘confidence’ is knowing-your-place”

drawing 'Conflating Planes & Stylised Realities No.1'
© john william brown 03-04 November 2016
(Pen & Ink on Fabriano 200g/m2 A4)
poem 'confidence'  © john william brown 03-04 November 2016

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