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Sunday, 31 October 2010


At the start of 20th century poet Rudyard Kipling wrote "IF” - probably with his son in mind:

“If you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs and blaming it on you …you will be a man my son”. 

In the late 20th century I found this poem inspirational.  I don’t have a son - I have a daughter - at the beginning of 21st century I dedicate this to her. 

(For Amrita Tara)
When a woman in some foreign land
Is stoned to death by law,
Is buried to her neck in sand,
Her naked face smashed - raw,
When feminists get gaoled, then hung
When they fight for the right to exist,
Speak out - Sing out their silenced song!

Rebel - Revolt - Resist.

When our kids have turned to drugs and crime
When they find no future here,
When politicians flout the Law
When the few get the greater share,
When those who caused recession's loss,
Keep their profits - and then - insist:
The poor and weak can pay the cost!

Rebel - Revolt - Resist.

When we've kept our right to demonstrate
But only two by two -
When street-cameras & microphones
Catch all we say and do -
When they tap our phones - emails - our homes?
When nothing gets freely expressed -
It's time to Act - Give them a Show!

Rebel - Revolt - Resist.

When Evil comes we do not see it
Straight upon the screen -
When it creeps up slow - insidiously -
When it wears on down - unseen -
When we're put to sleep by slow despair,
That's the nature of Their Beast.
We can awake - It's not too late!

Rebel - Revolt - Resist.

When Law-enforcers play-for-time with rules
Written to suit only them -
When police walk from blatant crimes
Executed in our name -
When prosecutors cock the case -
It's time we must enlist 
To take up the Law - Take Them to Court!

Rebel - Revolt - Resists.

When armed police kill a foreigner
For - sitting on a train -
When a working man dies - when strolling home,
When our patience has taken full strain -
When it's time to turn and face our fears down,
Find some inner strength...persist...
Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down...

Rebel - Revolt - Resists.

jwb 9-10August 2010

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